2016 at El Oceano – A Spectacular Start to the Season

2016 at El Oceano Hotel - A Spectacular Start to the Season

A Spectacular Start to the 2016 Season

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2016 at El Oceano - A Spectacular Start to the Season

The 2016 season starts.  It’s been hot… it’s been busy!

2016 kicks off for the season and El Oceano is jumping!  Over our winter ‘hibernation’ of 2015/16, we embarked on some of the most prolific updates to the hotel.  Three major projects – the general redesign of the restaurant interior, the stunning new Penthouse Suites and the redesign of the Beauty Salon – have been (and are being) undertaken to improve our already luxury hotel.  We’ve been ‘whispering’ about the renovations for a while and, judging by the feedback, we’ve been inundated with enquiries.  We’re expecting a busy season.


The Refurbishment

There were times we were worried, it has to be said, but with a little commitment and a lot of help from many local companies, the new redesign of the restaurant area is, in our opinion at least, absolutely wonderful.  Cool duck-egg blues and warm beige brown complement each other in a stunning way and bring the most elegant atmosphere to our restaurant.

Large plate glass windows along the south-facing walls now give almost uninterrupted sea views from many tables and the cool, white-washed wooden roofs bring a cool and classy look, almost is if you were on a boat on the sea.  We are so happy with the result.  We have opened out many areas of the restaurant giving the appearance of a much larger space.

We also have rebuild the entrance hall as fist impressions are very important, we feel.  The entrance to the hotel now creates a much brighter and more welcoming feel, with the spectacular thatched roof being an exotic touch.



The Penthouses

Many months in planning and even more in building, the Penthouses are almost ready to open.  We expect to accept the first guests in to the Penthouses around June of this year and we are excited.  Four distinctly individual and elegant suites all the some of the best sea views you’ll find on the coast, the Penthouses are in our opinion, a triumph.

Each one slightly different, with its own appeal, we are sure our guests will love them.

If you would like to be one of the first guests in the exclusive Penthouses, get in touch quickly.  They have already caused quite a stir!


The Beauty Salon

To complement the restaurant redesign, our Beauty Salon has been revamped and opened up to create a more welcoming and brighter environment.  Still the same high quality treatments and professional levels of service, but a cool silver decor and more open-plan salon.  If you’re between MArbella and La Cala and lookiung for some of the best names in beauty treatments, take a look at the new salon.  You’ll be impressed.



We are expecting this year to be busy.  If you would like to see the improvements we’ve made, book yourself in for a exquisite meal in the restaurant, a few days of paradise in the hotel – or even a stay in the exclusive new Penthouses.  You won’t be disappointed, were sure.



El Oceano Beach Hotel, Restaurant & Beauty Salon between Marbella and La Cala de Mijas: 2016 at El Oceano – A Spectacular Start to the Season
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