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Awesome April at El Oceano Hotel

awesome april at el oceano

awesome april afternoons at el oceano hotel restaurant

April Holidays & Breaks in Spain

Every April is awesome at El Oceano Hotel, but with our – very generous – special room rates, you can enjoy a truly Awesome April at El Oceano Hotel.  Many of the hotel rooms have been upgraded and refurbished to match the massive redecoration last year!  Come and see what’s new!

  • Book a Hotel Room for April
    It’s a beautiful time of year on the Costa del Sol!  Let us know the dates you would like and we’ll get back to you with your special April rates!
  • Book a Table in the Restaurant
    The 2017 Season Menu is ready for your approval!  Lunch?  Great!  Enjoy the full or lunch menus and maybe wander down to the pool bar afterwards (please book your table at the pool). Dinner?  Fantastic!  Enjoy the El Oceano Experience in exquisite surroundings, magnificent menu and some great live music!
  • Book a VIP Sunbed
    April is a sunny warm month – ideal for relaxing around the pool. Spend the perfect afternoon in paradise on one of the VIP Sunbeds!  Personal waiter service, towels for the pool… luxury!

April on the Costa del Sol really is a wonderful time.  The temperatures are just splendid – usually around the mid-teens, but frequently topping 20ºC.  The breezes are warm, the sky is blue and the sun shines!  One of the ‘perfect’ months of the year, you’re almost guaranteed an Awesome April on Mijas Costa (weather-wise, at least!).

Read this page for a little more detail about what’s going on for the first couple of weeks of April!


Accommodation & Room Rate Discounts

Low season hotel room rates apply throughout Awesome April!  If you can spare the time for an early break, this is the time to do it!  We won’t list all the price differences here, but all our rooms are subject to some discount in April.  Select one of the newly redecorated Double Superior Rooms, or really push the boat out in one of our exclusive Penthouse Apartments.

Save up to 40% on your accommodation this April!  Not all rooms are equal and different rooms have different discounts applied in April.  If you would like to stay with us in April or over the Easter period, please get in touch and we’ll let you know how much you could save, off-season!


Book your Awesome April!



Your April Holiday at El Oceano Hotel

Take advantage of the ‘off-season’ accommodation rates throughout April!!  Such a pleasant time of year on the Costa, April is a great opportunity to spend a few nights in paradise – or as we say, at El Oceano!  Choose one of the newly redecorated Double Superior Rooms with very appealing discounts, or blow your April holiday out of the water in one of our stunning Penthouse Apartments!

El Oceano beach hotel is just the perfect place for your April holiday!  The weather is perfect – not too cold, not too hot – and you’ll miss the mayhem of the summer crowds.

Spend a few lazy april days around the pool or hire your exclusive VIP sunbed, with personal waiter service and fresh fluffy towels for the pool!

Or, if you feel like exploring a little, El Oceano Hotel is situated right on the beach-font and the new Mijas Costa Boardwalk, you are just minutes from the little town of La Cala de Mijas – a great place to wander through the streets, markets and shops.


Book your April Holiday at El Oceano



Make your Restaurant Reservation Enquiry for El Oceano Restaurant

Perfect Beachfront Dining this April

The finest menu – new for 2017, the most beautiful surroundings right on the water’s edge and great live dining entertainment most nights… really, what is there not to like?!

El Oceano Restaurant, thanks to our many wonderful guests, has something of a reputation along Mijas Costa, the Costa del Sol and most of Europe!  Our restaurant takes some pride in its quality of menu, quality of service and top quality dining entertainment from Spain and the UK.

If you already know El Oceano, you’ll know what we mean!  If you’ve yet to visit us, what are you waiting for?!!  We would love to see you here in the restaurant this 2017 season!


pool and sunbeds

The VIP Sun Deck at el Oceano Hotel and Restaurant on Mijas Costa, between Marbella and La Cala de Mijas

An Awesome April Afternoon on your Private VIP Sunbed

This is where ‘awesome’ really kicks in!  What better way to spend a sunny April afternoon?

Your own private sunbed – round or square, your choice – personal waiter service and fresh, fluffy towels for your dip in the pool!  If this sounds like a great way to spend a sunny April afternoon, speak to us!  We have the perfect beachfront spot to while away your day.

Drinks Around the Pool?

As a hotel or restaurant guest, you have absolute access to the pool and pool bar.  However, if you don’t fall into either of those lucky categories, it’s probably worth you asking before turning up.  The pool bar does get very busy – even in the early, low-season months, but if things are a little more quiet we are happy for ‘non-hotel/restaurant-clients’ to join us for the afternoon!

We advise you read more before planning an afternoon at the pool bar.


awesome april afternoons at el oceano hotel restaurant

Easter Holidays 2017

The restaurant is sold out for Easter Sunday (not a surprise!), but we still have available tables for the evenings either side.  If you feel like an Easter break, look no further than the Costa del Sol’s best beach hotel and restaurant, El Oceano!

The couple of weeks leading up to Easter still have some availability in the hotel!  That’s good news!  Better still… the off-season brings its benefits!  Some great deals on the newly redecorated Double Superior Rooms, the Jacuzzi Suites, all accommodation including the beautiful new Penthouses!  Get in touch to find out just how reasonable an off-season week in paradise can be!

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