El Oceano, 2018

2018 Holidays at El Oceano Beach Hotel. The 2018 Season Starts Friday 23rd March, 2018.

2018 Holidays at El Oceano Luxury Beach Hotel

the 2018 season

2018 Holidays at El Oceano Hotel & Restaurant, Costa del Sol, Spain

The 2018 Season at El Oceano Luxury Beach Hotel & Restaurant

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of being well-organised.  And it’s just the same when it comes to organising your holiday, too.

As always, it all begins just before Easter, the doors opening on the fabulous El Oceano 2018 Season on Friday the 23rd of March!

For those who like to plan ahead, we will be happy to help organise your perfect Spain holiday for 2018!  Whether planning your stay in our hotel, booking an afternoon on the VIP sun terraces, or booking in for one of our, now legendary, Sundays, beat the inevitable rush and reserve your place in paradise early!

So, what are you waiting for?!  Be one of the first of 2018 to reserve your accommodation, your VIP Sunbed or your table in the Restaurant!  …And for those guests who prefer our Studio Apartments… we may have a little surprise for you this year!

Put that date in your diary… Friday 23rd March, 2018!  The opening week is always incredibly busy and we expect nothing different in 2018!  After nearly three months of ‘hibernation’, our regular guests know to book early for the opening weekend.

The El Oceano annual calendar is packed with many events, throughout the year.  It all really starts on the opening weekend (from Friday the 23rd of March) and doesn’t stop for a whole nine months!  The first ‘big’ event of the year is Easter – and most of all, Easter Sunday.  That one is going to be bouncing!!  We strongly recommend you book early.

After that, a few significant events like The Grand National & Royal Ascot plus a peppering of Full Moon Gala Dinners, lead us nicely to the high season!  And don’t forget every Sunday.  That’s EVERY Sunday throughout the year, we host the best Sunday on the Costa!

The 2018 Season Starts Friday 23rd March, 2018

Interested?  Great!  We think we’re going to have a fantastic 2018!  We hope you’ll be able to join us!

El Oceano Hotel, Restaurant, Cocktail Lounge and Beauty Salon

2018 holidays at El Oceano are the very height of elegant luxury in Spain.  50 beautifully decorated and appointed hotel rooms and suites, most with superb sea views, make up this jewel of a ’boutique’ hotel, where attention to detail and guest satisfaction are at the heart of our purpose.

The restaurant has developed a reputation for excellent and modern menus, a waiting team who will make sure you have everything you need, without being ‘in your face’, so to speak.  Subtle but attentive and professional service is, we believe, one of our strengths in the restaurant.



Easter 2018 at El Oceano Restaurant, Mijas Costa, Costa del Sol

Easter 2018

Sunday, 1st April 2018.  It’s the first Sunday of the 2018 Season and it’s Easter Sunday.  Those are two fairly large dates in the annual El Oceano calendar, both attracting a lot of attention on their own!  We think it’s safe to say that Sunday the 1st of April is going to be a rather busy day!

We understand it may sound a little like ‘sales blurb’, but we genuinely advise you to consider booking, even now, still in 2017.  El Oceano Sundays have developed quite a reputation in recent years – something which are very pleased about – and many regular guests now know to book weeks, sometimes months, in advance for the more popular dates.  This year, Sundays right throughout the season were booked solid from as early as April.

If Easter Sunday at El Oceano sounds like a good idea to you, we honestly advise your make your mark and book your table!


The 2017 Holiday Season Begins at El Oceano Hotel, Restaurant, Beauty Salon and Cocktial Lounge on Mijas Costa, Costa del Sol, Spain

Summer 2018 Holidays

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of being well-organised.  And it’s a great feeling when it comes to booking your holiday too!

For those who like to plan ahead, Summer 2018 holidays at El Oceano can be just a click away! Guarantee your place in the hotel or restaurant today!

It’s never too early to book your next summer holiday.  Every year, we have the unpleasant task of informing enquiring guests, “I’m sorry sir/madam, but I’m afraid we’re fully booked at that time.”.  It doesn’t feel right to us to turn our guests away and can often leave guests feeling a little disappointed.  It isn’t nice, but it is inevitable.  If El Oceano Hotel were twice the size, it would still be full at many times throughout the year.

If you’re confident about staying with us at some point in 2018, we respectfully suggest you get in touch sooner, rather than later.

We talk a lot about ‘busy times’, but the high season is, by far, the busiest!  The El Oceano ‘high season’ begins around the beginning of June and lasts through until the mid/end of October.  That’s not just El Oceano of course – Spain’s southern coast is the place to be during the high season Summer months.


Ascot & Grand National 2018 - El Oceano Restaurant

Ascot Ladies’ Day & The Grand National

Two fantastic days in the El Oceano calendar!  If these two dates aren’t an excuse to get dressed up and feel a little special, we just don’t know what is!

Ladies’ Day is already very nearly fully booked.

Please note:  Both dates are still provisional (as supplied by the relevant websites).  We will confirm all dates closer to the time, but please make your reservation enquiry and we will let you know as soon as we can!


Full Moon Gala Dinners at El Oceano Beach Hotel & Restaurant, Costa del Sol, Spain - 2018

Full Moon Gala Dinners

Always popular and always an utterly beautiful evening in the restaurant, our Full Moon Gala Dinners are a regular, (almost) monthly event throughout the El Oceano calendar!  Always live entertainment, the Full Moon Gala Dinners are a set menu evening.  2018 prices are yet to be confirmed.

Please note, the following dates are simply those of the full moons, and as yet, are not confirmed Full Moon Gala Dinner evenings.

  • Monday 30th of April, 2018.
  • Tuesday 29th of May.
  • Thursday 28th June.
  • Friday 27th July.
  • Sunday 26th August:  This one will be very busy!  Try to book very early.  VERY EARLY!  Maybe now!
  • Tuesday 25th September.
  • Wednesday 24th October.
  • Friday 23rd November.
  • Saturday 22nd December.



Sundays at El Oceano Restaurant on Mijas Costa, Costa del Sol, Spain

Sunday Lunch and the Pool Parties

In 2017, all Sundays throughout the summer, right up to September were booked SOLID, as early as April.  That means some guests booked 5 months in advance.  Let me say that again… 5 months!  We understand this can often upset guests – particularly ‘regulars’ – however we absolutely have to accept reservations on a strict ‘first-come, first-served’ basis.  We consider this to be the only fair way of handling the, often overwhelming, number of reservation enquiries.  Hopefully you agree!

If you’ve yet to enjoy it, the ‘Sunday Experience’ at El Oceano is something not to be missed on the Costa del Sol.  Start your El Oceano Sunday with an aperitif in the Cocktail Lounge followed by a beautiful meal to remember – an exquisite fusion of traditional and contemporary Sunday Lunch, with live music all afternoon.  When you’re ready, head down to the terrace for the Pool Party.  Cocktails and champagne around the pool with more live music and dancing.  Sunday is always a special day at El Oceano.

Even if you’re staying elsewhere, make an El Oceano Sunday part of your 2018 holidays!

book for 2018

Book your 2018 Place in Paradise

Book your place in paradise – before someone else does!

Make your reservation enquiry for the hotel, the restaurant or the beauty salon.  We are rather busy, most of the time, but we WILL respond to your enquiry as soon as we can.  Thank you for your interest in El Oceano!  We’ll speak to you very soon.

Make your El Oceano reservation here.  Select the Hotel, the Restaurant, the Sundeck & Pool Bar or the Beauty Salon.  If you are looking to reserve hotel accommodation, you can do so directly and pay online, however if you prefer, you can simply enquire as to a room or suite and we will get back to as soon as possible.  We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.  That said, our Reception Office is, at times, incredibly busy, so there may be a short delay.

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