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Contact or find El Oceano Luxury Beach Hotel and Restaurant.  Find El Oceano right on the water-front in Miraflores on Mijas Costa, between Marbella and La Cala de Mijas, on Spain’s beautiful Costa del Sol.  Getting here is easy, we are just a 30 minutes drive from Málaga Airport.

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Find El Oceano Hotel in Miraflores, Mijas Costa, Costa del Sol, Spain OG01

El Oceano Hotel is in Miraflores on the Costa del Sol

One of the nicer parts of the Costa del Sol, Mijas Costa offers cleaner beaches and avoiding the often-maddening crowds of other parts of this coastline.  The newly constructed boardwalk, running right along Mijas Costa, gives to the opportunity to explore this wonderful coastline on foot.  We are just a 10 minutes walk to the charming little town of La Cala de Mijas.

El Oceano Beach Hotel & Restaurant
Ctra. de Cádiz A7 (N340), Km 199
Miraflores Playa
29649 Mijas Costa
Málaga, Spain.

Telephone (+34) 952 587 550

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    El Oceano Beach Hotel, Restaurant & Beauty Salon between Marbella and La Cala de Mijas: Contact & Find El Oceano
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