Christmas Begins @ El Oceano!

Christmas Begins @ El Oceano!  Todays’ the day we officially kick off the 2021/22 Christmas Season!  We’re had or few weeks off, been busy with the Christmas decorations and are ready to start the Christmas Party Season!!

Christmas Begins @ El Oceano!

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Christmas Begins at El Oceano Hotel & Restaurant

Christmas & New Year at El Oceano Hotel & Restaurant

The El Oceano Christmas Season starts with a real bang as we celebrate 16 days of Christmas and New Year fun!

We’ve been closed for a couple of weeks – to give us time to put up the tree and the decorations! – and now we’re ‘chomping at the bit’, so to speak, to get back in to action!!  We

Saturday 18th December FULLY BOOKED!

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    El Oceano Beach Hotel, Restaurant & Beauty Salon between Marbella and La Cala de Mijas: Christmas Begins @ El Oceano!
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