September 2024 at El Oceano

September 2024 at El Oceano Beach Hotel – and we’re expecting it to be busy!  By September, the intense summer heat is beginning to cool off, the crowds begin to thin out and the Costa is a very nice place to be!  Warm, gentle breezes from North Africa wash the evenings with scents of Hibiscus and Bougainvillea and the days are easily warm enough for the pool.

September 2024 at El Oceano Beach Hotel

september at el oceano

September 2023 at El Oceano Beach Hotel
September 2024 at El Oceano Beach Hotel

A Beautiful Time of Year at El Oceano

After the excitement of the high season, September at El Oceano is still busy, but nice busy!  In fact, it’s usually our most popular month!  We have many guests who return each September as many consider it the best month to visit the Costa – and El Oceano!  Absolutely a month for beautiful sunshine, the VIP sun terrace tends to be super-busy during September.

And not just the terrace!  The hotel is also very popular – again, with many returning guests – during the early Autumn.  Book your room in the hotel for September early, they don’t last long!!  Maybe push the boat out a little and stay in one of our ‘flagship’ Penthouse Suites!  Unspoiled sea views and absolute luxury, right next to the ocean!

september on the costa del sol

September and Autumn on the Costa del Sol

With average temperature around 25°C, the sea and swimming pools are more than warm enough for a dip – especially in our heated Polynesian Pool!  It’s fairly unlikely to rain in September, either.  It’s certainly a month for sun bathing, with strong sunshine, so if you’re visiting, bring some sun cream.

Arguably, September is the best month on the Costa del Sol.  Visitors during September can enjoy the benefits of the high season, without the its drawbacks.  Everything is still open and keen for your trade, but the majority of the seasonal holiday makers have gone home.

As the excitement of the high season winds down, September (and October and November) gives visitors to the Costa del Sol a calmer, yet still wonderful holiday options. All of these late-season, autumn months – specially September with its proximity to the climactic heights of summer – hold a strong appeal to those visitors who still long to bathe in the Spanish sunlight and partake of all the area’s delights, but prefer to do so in a slightly less busy and marginally less expensive environment.

During this period, you can fully immerse yourself in every coveted aspect that makes the Costa del Sol such a beloved destination – from its breathtaking natural vistas and beachside revelry to its delicious cuisine and enchanting culture – yet in a more laid-back atmosphere. So, head to the Costa del Sol in autumn if you’re keen to luxuriate in the afterglow left over from the summer, but would prefer a rather more chilled-out scene.

September Costa del Sol Holiday Weather

It’s lovely!!  Warm, but not too hot… busy, but not insane busy!  September is a most pleasant month on Mijas Costa and the wider Costa del Sol.

The beginning of the Andalucian Autumn, you’ll find gentle sunshine and temperatures hovering around 25°C, easily warm enough for swimming.  Warm breezes head over the Mediterranean to the Costa, making for sunbathing days and eating al-fresco nights!

There are two ferias (annual fayres) during September, one in Torrmolinos during the final week of the month and the Feria de Pedro Romero up in Ronda (quite a drive away, but a very picturesque drive!) at the beginning of September.

In September, the weather on the Costa del Sol in Spain is usually warm and sunny, with temperatures averaging around 25°C (77°F) during the day and dropping to around 20°C (68°F) at night. September is generally considered the end of the summer season and is one of the warmest months of the year on the Costa del Sol. The region typically experiences long hours of sunshine, with very little rainfall, making it a popular time for tourists to visit. However, temperatures can sometimes rise into the low 30s (86°F) during heatwaves, so it’s important to stay hydrated and protected from the sun.

Autumn is a great time to take a holiday on the Costa del Sol in Spain. The weather is still warm and sunny, although temperatures start to drop as the season progresses, with average daily temperatures ranging from 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F). The crowds of tourists that visit the area during the summer months start to thin out, making it a more relaxed and less busy time to visit. This is also a good time to take part in outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, or golfing, as the milder weather makes these activities more comfortable.

The Costa del Sol is known for its beautiful beaches and picturesque coastal towns, and autumn is a great time to explore these areas. You can also visit the region’s famous attractions, such as the Alhambra in Granada, the ancient Roman city of Ronda, or the Andalusian countryside. In addition, the local cuisine is at its best during the autumn months, as the harvest season brings a fresh crop of ingredients to the region.

Overall, an autumn holiday on the Costa del Sol offers a unique blend of warm weather, beautiful landscapes, and cultural experiences, making it a perfect time to visit.

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